Chef cocinando en la elegante cocina abierta de Born to Cook

We cook.

Chef cocinando en la elegante cocina abierta de Born to Cook

We cook.

Discover the joy of hosting exclusive private events with every detail tailored to your exact preferences!


Los invitados brindan en su cena privada

Whether you prefer our historical venue in El Born, the vanguardist industrial setting in La Sagrera, our dedicated and versatile team is at your service. Our attention to detail and genuine commitment to each and every project from the first contact until the event lights go out will give you a peace of mind that all the details are been taken care of.


Get ready for the explosion of taste and colors on your plate because cooking for a chosen group of people is one of our favourite thing to do! Let us create a personalized menu based on the occasion type and group’s needs, and we’ll be in the kitchen of your choice in an instant to create magic for you and your guests.

Un chef privado cocinando a domicilio


Una chef haciendo una demostración de producto

Let us put our equipment and knowledge at your disposal for your product or service promotion events, or as an added cooking entertainment aspect of your evening to impress your clients. Food products, cooking equipment, destination promotion, product or service launch, content creation – let’s spice it up with our showcooking skills!


Enjoy our choice of starters and dinner courses as we treat your corporate or private event guests with carefully selected local ingredients. Hand in hand with our expert chefs, our event organizers are here to support your event from its beginnings and to take away stress from your planning process.

Cena de gala realizado en la playa con decoración especial


Boda de ensueño con arreglos florales, decoración y catering de Born to Cook

Indulge in the tastiest bites and sips on your most special occasion of them all! Not only are we’re delighted to enrich your celebration with our catering options, but we’ll happily take on the task and responsibility to plan all the details of your wedding. Relax and enjoy as we take care of both the gastronomic artistry and seamless event coordination.