Thanks so much to Sean Hillen and World Itineraries for their write up on our market tour and cooking class.

Culinary Fun and Frolics

No trip to Barcelona is complete without a cooking lesson and no better choice of dish to prepare than the traditional paella. And perhaps no better chef to guide you than good-humored Otger Teixidor with ‘Born to Cook’ in the Born district, operating in conjunction with WE Barcelona, a tour group that organises diverse activities ranging from helicopter and hot-air balloon rides to open sailing experiences.

Before even donning aprons, participants enjoy a tour of some of Barcelona’s finest markets, of which there are 15, including La Boqueria (or Saint Joseph) Market opened in 1836, near the WE offices in the famous Gothic Quarter, as well as Santa Caterina Market.

Here, you’ll learn the fair price to pay for saffron and paprika and how to check their quality, savor wild mushrooms, enjoy the lively chatter of the bacalla (cod) merchants selling smoked, pickled and dried varieties, taste some of the best hams from Salamanca and Extremadura and learn about the different kinds of paprika and cheeses including Novell, a soft goat variety, and manchego made exclusively from Manech sheep.

Cooking in a small group is a three-hour delight with olive oil tasting and ample libations of wine, juices and prosecco served throughout. Teixidor is a fun-loving fellow and the paella with gazpacho and patatas bravas as accompaniment will keep you well-fed for the rest of the day.


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